FUTUR TOOLBOX Analyze Bundle

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These tools will help you understand the relationships between the different components of your business and optimize them.

Digital Assets Management (Dashboard Spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

Take full control over the cost of your digital assets and their renewal dates. Use digital assets wisely.

Marketing strategy and performance (Dashboard spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

Create an effective marketing strategy and get real-time overview of its execution. Distribute marketing tasks efficiently.

Sales performance dashboard (Dashboard spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

Get a complete overview of your sales performance, increase your sales effeciency and customer satisfaction.

Sales success dashboard (Dashboard spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

This clear and transparent dashboard will help you find out how satisfied your customers are with your business and how to improve its performance.

Sales Team Performance (Dashboard spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

Get a complete overview of your sales team performance, increase your economic effeciency. Grow your business!

Costs Analysis (Dashboard spreadsheet + E-book Guide)

Take full control over the costs and expenses of your business. Identify inefficiencies and increase profits!


Do you have any questions about analyzing your business? Feel free to write us in the Facebook group. We will be happy to advise you. Plus, you can get valuable advice, tips and recommendations from other members who are already working on their business growth.


Not decided yet? Download the preview of the tools of this bundle. And that's not all. You'll also get access to a preview of other digital tools.


"Working with data is challenging in itself. You need to develop the right way to collect data, procedures to evaluate it and what to look for in it. The Analyze package helped me to discover what was important in my data. The advantage is that you just pour the raw data into the spreadsheets and everything else will compute itself. And you can see the result in clear charts. Perfect for me." Martin, e-commerce owner

"I hate working with data. I never liked economics, numbers, formulas, tables and graphs. In business, I found that I couldn’t do without these things. I was looking for a way to make it as simple as possible. Analyze bundle helped me a lot. It contains neatly compiled data that you can easily use in the day-to-day management of your business." Caroline, entrepreneur


Róbert Tomly - Thanks to 10 years of experience in managing an international company and my strong analytical mindset, I believe that the business world is largely based on solid, quantifiable through numbers, fundamentals. But it's not just numbers that construct your reality. It's also something more. Trust in the business and its perception through the emotions of your customers.  

In my work, I use both strong counterpoints - reason and emotion. I help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of businesses. I set goals, help to monitor success and advise on what and how to improve for better results.  

Peter Hrnčiar - 15 years in digital marketing have taught me that the most important constant of any successful business are happy customers. That's why I focus most of my attention on them.  

I apply my years of experience, as well as the latest insights and research on user behaviour into your successful projects. I help both with auditing e-shop in terms of user experience and with the actual design of a powerful e-commerce platform, which will aim to satisfy the needs and wishes of its customers. Using 360° marketing, I attract visitors to you and turn them into satisfied customers. I show you the possibilities of how to continue to grow and move forward.


  • PDF reader app 
  • Microsoft Office 2016+ or Microsoft Office 365 (compatible both with Windows and MacOS versions) 


If you need support or have a question, contact us at support@futurtoolbox.com

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Complete tools to analyze your business

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FUTUR TOOLBOX Analyze Bundle

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